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Last modified: 22 February 2011

Application Forms

Patent Application Form (Hungarian only) + Explanatory Note
General information on patent procedures commenced after January 1, 1996 (according to the Act No. XXXIII of 1995)

Supplementary protection certificate application form (Hungarian only)

Plant variety protection application form (Hungarian only)

Utility Model Protection Application Form (Hungarian only) + Explanatory Note
General information on utility model procedures commenced after January 1, 1996 (according to the Act No. XXXVIII of 1991)

Trademark Application Form (Hungarian only) + Explanatory Note
General information on trademark registration procedures (according to the Act No. XI of 1997)

Design Application Form (Hungarian only) + Explanatory Note
General information on design procedures commenced after January 1, 2002 (according to the Act No. XLVIII of 2001)

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